The Top 5 People who can get You Hired as an Advertising Creative

Do you know the top five people who can get you hired as an advertising art director, copywriter or graphic designer?

Often advertising creatives find themselves repeatedly applying to job postings or e-mailing the address with little-to-no response.  If you want a response, if you want that job as an art director, writer or designer at a top agency, you need to connect with and build relationships with the top five people who can get you hired.

Depending on the advertising agency, the order may switch up for the top five people who can hire you.

The Top 5 People Who Can Get You Hired as an Advertising Creative

  1. Creative Recruiters inside the agency
  2. Creative Directors – ECDs, GCDs, CDs, ACDs & Design Directors inside the agency
  3. People who know Creatives inside the agency
  4. People who know anyone inside the agency
  5. HR inside the agency

Did you notice how important it is to make connections INSIDE the agency where you want to work?

Yes, other people can help get you hired inside an agency – outside recruiters, your alumni association, your uncle – but start by concentrating on the top five.

Remember, it’s about building a relationship.  To spell it out: it isn’t about e-mailing your portfolio once and crossing your fingers nor is it about annoying the heck out of these people begging for a job daily or even weekly.  There’s a way to do it, but that’s another blog.

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