One-on-One Coaching

For individuals committed to their success, one-on-one coaching with DEFINING SUCCESS COACHING is the most direct route to get where they want to be. Coaching is an investment in yourself, and investing in yourself pays the best interest.

Studies on coaching have shown people and companies get a more than 400% return on investment along with significant intangible benefits from one-on-one coaching.

One-on-one coaching with DEFINING SUCCESS COACHING is scheduled on an ongoing weekly basis. Clients start seeing real results from coaching anywhere from six to twelve 50-minute-long sessions.  While the most successful clients maintain a coaching relationship for six or more months, all clients are encouraged to continue coaching through at least 12 consecutive sessions (lasting about 3 months) to maximize their results early on.

One-on-one coaching is available via phone, Skype, Google Hangout, and e-mail.

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Group Coaching

Group Coaching is an excellent option for those who want the experience of coaching, support from a group of peers and accountability each week.  Group Coaching is available to those ready for a career change and artists or creative types who need marketing help.  Group Coaching can kick-start your progress and help you reach your goals faster and easier.

For more information on Group Coaching, please contact Angela directly.

If you would like more individual attention and to fast-track your success, then you may be a good candidate for One-on-One Coaching with DEFINING SUCCESS COACHING.



“Angela and I began working together with a variety of exercises which allowed me to dig deeper into my core beliefs and understand what I truly want in my life. Is it that I feel ‘stuck’ because of my situation or am I holding myself back due to fear of expressing myself? Discussing this on a weekly basis allowed me to keep track of my goals and be held accountable when I may not have otherwise pushed myself to the fullest extent. Angela also helped me become aware of inner dialogue—telling yourself you WILL succeed truly does help you SUCCEED!

So, I got the guts to ask for a raise at work. While scary, I GOT THE RAISE (THREE TIMES what I originally asked for) plus respect from my boss from taking action. From this achievement alone, I gained a level of confidence in the work place that continues to pour over to this day—I have a voice, so I might as well use it! (Over a year ago, you would have NOT have heard this from me).

Sticking to your goals, no matter how small or large, is extremely difficult, especially when any level of fear is involved. Angela guided me to using reminder techniques that work for me to accomplish these goals. And, what I was most impressed with about this is that she found what worked for ME; not what worked for the average Joe. She personalized it, using examples based off of her knowledge of my past and my present, directing me down a path to show me that I ultimately do know what to do.

Here are the things I truly admire about Angela’s coaching:

  • Personal direct attention to YOU.
  • Her knowledge, creative advice, tips and exercises.
  • The fact that she is there for you in the event you need to check in (hello accountability).
  • Her honesty—if she needs to call you out, she will. And most of the time, this is JUST what we need to move forward.
  • Her ability to take a HUGE goal and work it down into smaller, more attainable goals to help you achieve the big picture.

I could go on and on about every little detail—but these coaching sessions have been some of the greatest life-changing experiences I’ve had.”

–Jennifer D., Philadelphia, one-on-one and group coaching client


“Angela has been fantastic to work with. She really knows her stuff. I’ve been trying to figure out a career path for the past few years, but have not been able to come to any solutions on my own. Within just a few months, Angela was able to help me clarify my career purpose and goals. For the first time in a while I’m feeling confident in my future plans, and as a result I am finally feeling calm, relaxed, and happy. Angela is a great coach; she knows how to push you to think critically about your internal interests, skills, and motivators. To anyone who is considering a career change or who would like to become more fulfilled within their existing career, Angela will help you identify and achieve your career goals with confidence.

–Alexander, San Diego, one-on-one coaching client


“I was really going through a tough time in my relationship. Angela provided me with the tools I needed to move forward and regain my self-confidence and life back. Coaching is a powerful process, not only did I get to reflect on my situation but also I had an experienced coach to help me develop a plan to change it. From Angela I learned that change = growth.”

–Dr. Tontaleya Ivory, Atlanta, one-on-one coaching client