Advertising & Design Awards & Friendly Faces

As the advertising and design award shows gear up, the anticipation builds.  Who will be the big winners this year?  Who will get the credit they deserve?  What work will stand out in the sea of product promotion?

The 91st Annual Art Directors Club Awards are currently being judged.  Today, this clip from the interactive jury was posted, and a friendly face of one creative director with whom I worked came up.

Yesterday, the face of a colleague from my advertising days showed up in the 2012 Facebook Studio Awards Jury Session photos.

It’s incredible to think that I’ve worked alongside the best of the best – the advertising creatives who are jurying Cannes and The One Show and the ADDY’s and the Andy’s…and…and…  It’s simply incredible (if incredible can be simple).

As I write about the talent I was surrounded by and that I remain connected to, I want to clarify that I don’t mean to be “name dropping” nor jumping up and down saying, “Look at me!  Look at me; I have cool friends!”  My experience, my network and my insights are not a point of pride but rather tools to better help my creative clients.  My passion is coaching and consulting advertising art directors, copywriters and graphic designers.

Also, it makes me smile to see a friendly face on a video such as this one for the Art Directors Club Awards. ;)


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