Achieving Your Goals Despite the Issues of Time and Money

What has kept you from already achieving your goals?  What is in the way of making the changes you desire?  If the answer is either time or money, I challenge you to dig deeper.

How much is your time really worth?  Would it be worth it to you to rid yourself of the guilt or disappointment of not achieving your goals?  And how much time do you spend dwelling on the fact that you have these unresolved goals?

If the goal’s outcome is truly worth it, then neither time nor money are the issue. The cliffhanger is…what is the issue?


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      • I have a line of kids apparel in Austin TX caleld orangeheat.My goals for 2011 are to build a stronger social media following to leverage as a marketing tool for my online sales.Attend more craft fairs through out the country where ever I can make money or at the very minimum break even.Strengthen my product line and discontinue products that are weak and have plenty of inventory of the product that sellsHire a bookkeeper and get Quickbooks up and running.Add new larger wholesale accounts that will provide more cashflowContinue to blog regularly and read books and blogs like this one leaving comments and site links on relevant posts.I guess I better get busy! : )

    • I have a business that is less than a year old so I foesree this to be a year of great gains and challenges.My business goals are:To steadily build a monthly revenue that can fully support both myself and my partner.To establish our business as the go to for art marketing advice in our local area.To build our seminars and events to the point of being able to support a two-day marketing workshop.To achieve all this we are creating strategies to build our online presence, networking with local art organizations, holding seminars and events to share our knowledge, and generally making ourselves a visible part of the community.We face the challenge of being able to get our brand and message out to enough of our target market, providing the types of services that are most needed and wanted, and growing the business at a pace that we can sustain but also support our goals.All in all I look forward to the challenges and triumphs in the year ahead.

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