A Personal E-mail with a BIG Reveal


I hope all is going beyond well in your world.  Things here are great and only getting better.  I’m really excited about something, and I can hardly wait to tell you!

Do you remember how a couple years ago I was working on writing a book?  It was going to be the end-all be-all how to get a job in a creative industry book.  As you probably guessed, it never got finished.  Now, I know why.  I never finished that book because I became overwhelmed by the idea of having it be that end-all be-all book of its kind out there.  I was shooting for perfection.

Yea, yea, you can hear me telling you, “Progress not perfection,” huh?  Well, I fell victim to the same thing I tell you and my other clients.  Progress not perfection.  Excellence not perfection.  It’s all about focusing on progress toward an excellent COMPLETION.  That way you don’t get paralyzed by perfection.  Well, perfection paralysis got me.

So, I failed.  What am I so excited about?  ha. ha.

:::drum roll please:::

I’ve decided to write a new book!

No need to be leery; I’ve learned from my past mistakes.  This book will NOT be the end-all be-all masterpiece of perfection on the many elements of getting a creative job.  This time I’m focusing on one specific subject and one specific target audience (still creative types).  This book will be an excellent first edition.  That way I know I can go back and improve it for edition two, if needed.  This book will be about something that I know very well, that I speak about, coach my clients around and use in my own life regularly.

What’s the subject?  To build suspense (and buy some time to create a working book title), I’m not going to share that with you just yet.  I will tell you that I plan on having the first published copy in my hand by Monday, Sept. 30, 2013.   That’s right, seven weeks from now!

I promise to keep you posted.


All the best,


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